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Professional Sound Engineer Song writer / musician Music Producer Sound engineering is my passion

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Alex Anisov - professional sound engineer in Greater Sacramento area, California

i am a professional sound engineer

I am an independent audio engineer based in Sacramento, California. I run Crest Recording Studio in Greater Sacramento area. Worked as an audio engineer on different and interesting music projects past 15 years, I've got comprehensive experience in this area.

Couple words about my workspace:

Quality recording services, music production, editing, mixing, mastering, recording, live performances, location recording. Sixteen years of full time studio recording has built history for our company. We provide an atmosphere of comfort working with each of our clients. Crest Recording Studio is a full service studio for music, audio post production, commercial production, CD mastering and audio enhancement.

Sound engineering is my passion.

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Good recordings capture a performance in a way that reinforces and supports the music. I strive to craft a sound that is professional, exciting, and consistent with the musical aesthetic of the client. I make use of a diverse collection of the highest quality equipment and I am able to adapt my approach and methods to suit any style of music. My care and attention to detail allows me to provide an exceptional sound quality that is individually tailored to every project.


A great mix will define and enhance the emotion and impact of music. I have had very broad experience mixing many different styles ranging from jazz, classical, and rock to electronic, hip-hop, and world music. When mixing I will edit, balance, and enhance the different elements of a song to achieve a professional sounding and engaging musical presentation. Mixing is a creative as well as technical process and for any serious project it is an essential function to take the music to the next level. My goal is to make the music sound as best as possible and help artists achieve their vision.


Mastering makes a great mix even better and a great album come together. Mastering involves the final sonic enhancement of finished mixes, sequenceing albums with fades and transitions, and preparing final media files for duplication and ultimate distribution. I use a variety of specialized techniques and equipment to deliver the best results possible.


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Alex Anisov is an amazing Sound Engineer. He has worked withy many outstanding artists, including the award winning Bradley Clark Band. They received the 2014 Christian/Gospel Album of the Year award and recorded it here! Alex is amazing!

Erika H.

Gospel Singer

Outstanding sound engineering, mixing and mastering, no questions about it, Alex! Our final album "Period" was done by Alex Anisov. It was done right, at time, and we are proud that we record our last album here.

The Chance

Music Band

When I started work with Alex I didn't even know we'll become partners and big friends. Highly recommend this high skilled music producer to all artists and musicians in area.

Bradley Clark

Bradley Clark Band

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2977 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821